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The company were born in 1980 in the Salento area, South Apulia, leader in the sector of the transport commodities on road, for wish of its unique administrator who, strong of a twenty-year experience in the sector as artisan matured day after day , and after thousands difficulties of various nature, he succeeds in giving that mark of guarantee, correctness and convenience that nowadays it is synonymous of seriousness and deep knowledge. In 1996 the company receives the prize "Italy that works."

Through its renewed fleet submitted and to a team of experienced drivers that have been working together for different years as a true team, the firm succeeds in annulling the distances through swift and punctual deliveries in a market where "the time is money."

"T.L. Transports and Logistics S.r.l" effects national and international transports, with main reference to the European Countries as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, with times of delivery that varied from 24 to the 48 hours.