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"T. L. Transports and Logistics S.r.l." consignments, transports and logistics, is a society constituted in 2009 by the fusion of two firms operatine in the transit sector from 1983, with the intent to offer an ample range of personalized services to the Italian and foreign clientele combining professionalism and experience with the maximum flexibility.
Beside offering road services groupage and complete loaded on the whole national and international territory through the availability of an ample through the availability of an ample wholly owned fleet.,
"T. L. Transports and Logistics Srl" put ourselves up as partner for the management of all the consignments,using both own services and those of other operators, if there is specific prescriptions, guaranteeing a prudent and careful management however, to safeguard the affairs of the firms buyers.
Our fleet is constituted by around 15 unities different for dimensions and types of weight , and guarantees a further safety to the client reducing to the minimum the possibility of breakdowns during the run, being entirely renewed every 2 years and constantly kept under control from our inside specialized machine shop.
hanks to our selected personnel we guarantee an high-level of professionalism and image.
We collaborate with the best insurance companies for any possible damage that could be occur during the transport and we are able to furnish customized insurance on demand , for goods of particular value and importance.
The logistic branch of the firm has a plant of 2.500 mqs. equipped for the unloading and the load of the fleet with modern equipments of lifting, endowed with alarm connected to the police 24 hours on 24.
Our structure allows the clientele to be able to have a continuous monitoring of their own consignments and to receive answers in absolute real time about the status of their deliveries, avoiding the numerous passages existing between the client and the final addressee.

We are able to enumerate among our most trusted customers those societies that needs the maximum punctuality and precision as the DHL - SAIMA AVANDERO - Logistics – PIRELLI – TEAM - ALPAK and the most important manufacturing firms and exporters of Italian wine.